ERI English for Everyone 

What are our students saying?    

"My dreams are to learn more English so I can communicate with others and find a good job.  I hope my dreams come true because here my life is hard when I can't speak English well." -Sandra

"I want to have an answer for any question. I want to speak freely with people. I want to answer the phone, make calls, go anywhere and talk and understand English without asking anyone for help."  -Monica

"I want to learn English so that I can communicate with people outside of my community." -Adriana    

"I believe that by participating in this class my first step has been taken toward reaching my goals and having a successful life.  I'm going to keep studying, go to college and graduate."  -Hilda

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Our class of 2013-2014 class of students immigrated from 11 different countries and speak more than 5 different languages.   Some of our students have been in the United States for more than 20 years and some for less than a month.     More than half are unemployed, while only a quarter are working full time, predominantly in the service industries such as food service, cleaning and factories.  Those working tell us they do not have the opportunity to learn English on the job as their coworkers are non English speaking as well.   More than half of our students have children living with them.   Only one third of our students have a high school or better education in their native country.  Many of our students cannot read or write in their native language.  Some come to us without knowing a single word of English and some speak perfect English but cannot read or write. A number of our students have tremendous learning barriers to overcome and their ability to attend classes on a regular basis is limited.   Child care issues, health issues, and family issues are just a few of the problems they face.   Our goal is to welcome all and teach them as much as possible while they are in attendance.  The ability to say "hello"; to read a street sign, to distinguish between "mens" and "ladies", to understand simple instructions, provide building blocks for learning and give them confidence to move forward.


90% of our students live in poverty.   They do not have computers nor knowledge of how to use a computer.   Without this program, they would have no opportunity to learn English.    The resources available far outstrip the need.   Due to a lack of funding, we had to withdraw from this wonderful program.  Our legacy continues however, with many offerings stepping forward to follow our lead and offer these classes free of charge!

English for Everyone Students