ERI English for Everyone 

!Employment Resources, Inc.

Since 1983, Employment Resources, Inc., (ERI) has served low-income, minority and disenfranchised populations who face significant barriers to employment.  Our mission as a private non-profit, is to provide quality services to those most in need with the goal of enabling them to become fully integrated and self sufficient.  Until June 30th of 2007, we were the Title 1 Administrator for Boston's Metro North Region, managing state and federal workforce development funds.  For 17 years, we operated the Career Source, a one stop career center servicing tens of thousands of job seekers and hundreds of businesses in our area.   In 2009, we began providing services to Department of Transitional Assistance clients in Salem, Massachusetts.   Through this program we have provided job seeking and language training to scores of adults seeking independence from government assistance and better lives for their families.

In 2012, we began our ESOL program, English for Everyone, in partnership with Maverick Landiadng Community Services.    The development of this program was in response to the dire need of immigrants to learn English in order to help them become employed and engaged in all aspects of life in America.   Although extremely successful, positively influencing hundreds of lives, we had to withdraw this program due to lack of funding.   Our legacy carries on with many programs now being offered in the area, free of charge